Rick Wood's Street Team

Thank you for your interest in being part of my street team!

As part of my street team, you will get all of my books free on your kindle, in return for customer reviews on Amazon.

I may also ask to you use as a Betareader - someone who reads my books before they are published, and gives me feedback from a reader's perspective.

So how does it all work?

1/ You email me at rickwoodwriter@yahoo.com to say you would like to be part of my street team., and within this email, include your kindle's email address. You will also need to add rickwoodwriter@yahoo.com to the approved email addresses on your kindle account, which is really easy todo and will take one minute -  click here for instructions on how to do it.

2/ Let me know which book you would like to review first. I will then send that book directly to your Kindle. To see a list of books available, click here

3/ Once you have read and reviewed that book, email me to let me know and tell me which book you would like next. After confirming that you have left that review, I will send that book to your Kindle.

4/ And you can keep doing this again and again until you have the entire Rick Wood collection!
What's more, you will receive all of my new books for free around a month before they are released!

Terms and Conditions:
- Reviews on books given to you before their release must be done by the release date of the book.
- You must have access to a Kindle or the Kindle app
- You must know how to post a customer review

Still interested? Fantastic!

I am thrilled to have you on board and to start working with you.

Email me at rickwoodwriter@yahoo.com  once I'm added to your approved Kindle list and we can get started!