The Edward King Series
Book One
I Have the Sight

He let her in, now she doesn't plan to leave

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The origin story of the world's greatest exorcist - Eddie King.
Book Two
Descendant of Hell

A stunning supernatural sequel

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As demons tell Eddie they recognise him, he questions where his powers came from.

Book Three
An Exorcist Possessed

What if the evil you fight is inside yourself?

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Eddie thinks he is safe. He thinks he has won. But the devil has other plans.

Book Four
Blood of Hope

Could you destroy your saviour to survive?

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An evil has risen. Something more powerful than anyone could have ever foreseen.
Book Five
The World Ends Tonight

Do you have faith in Edward King?

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The final battle.

The Edward King Series is also available as boxsets...

Books 1 - 3

Books 4 - 5

Silence My Demons

A prequel to The Edward King Series, focussed around the character of Derek Lansdale

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The Demonologist Handbook

Your guide to the demons of Rick Wood's stories

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