The Sensitives

A new paranormal horror series, taking place ten years after The Edward King Series, centred around three characters who are all Sensitives - meaning they have gifts associated with the paranormal.

In each book they face a different case, inspired by real life reports on the paranormal.

Book One
The Sensitives

You're not crazy, you just see dead things

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Book Two
My Exorcism Killed Me

Our biggest demons are fuelled by our biggest fears

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Book Three
Close to Death

What exactly is growing inside of her?

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Book Four
Demon's Daughter

Released 18th May

More details TBC
Book Five
Questions for the Devil

Released 27th July

More details TBC
The Sensitives Boxset Book 1 - 3

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The Demonologist Handbook

Your guide to the demons of Rick Wood's stories

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