What made you want to write The Edward King Series?

I couldn’t find the book I wanted to read, so I wrote it.

I love books, movies and comics to do with the paranormal and, in particular, exorcisms. I wanted to read a series of books about a kickarse exorcist – but there weren’t any. So I got to work!

What made you want to become a writer?

I have always had a need to be creative, in whatever form – it has never been a want, it is something I have needed to do as much as breathing. So from as far back as I can remember, I would shut myself in my bedroom or sit at my Dad’s computer and just bash out pages after pages of plays, stories and scripts.

As I grew up I had numerous mental health issues and broke down, but writing was always my release.

From there it became my childhood dream to write for a living.

What did you do before you were a writer?

I studied filmmaking and scriptwriting at uni and made a bunch of films – including a horror exploitation movie called A Night at the Psycho’s. (You won’t find this anywhere – the final cut never really got beyond my hard drive!)

After this, I decided to become a stand-up comedian and went on to do four Edinburgh Fringe Festival shows.

Eventually, I decided to get a proper job and became a Drama and English teacher. I am now giving up teaching and taking my writing full-time in the summer.

What is it about horror that made you want to write it?

I don’t know what it is that made me obsessed with horror, but it has been a lifelong fascination. Despite being a passionate atheist and not believing in it, I find the paranormal fascinating. I watched a copy of The Exorcist on VHS without my parents knowing when I was way too young, and it went from there!

What is your favourite book, film & TV show?

Book: Harry Potter. If not Harry Potter, then Girl 4 – a brilliant serial-killer-hunting detective book.

TV Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I used to go to Drama club as a teenager at the same time as Buffy – on BBC2 on a Thursdays at 6.45pm! So I’d set my video recorder and would watch it as soon as I got home. I was literally obsessed with this. More recently, I’d say The Walking Dead is my favourite, especially having loved the comics. And I am completely obsessed with Impractical Jokers - probably the funniest show on TV!

Film: I’m torn! I’d have to choose between Kill Bill, The Dark Knight and The Last Exorcism. All awesome movies!

What do you have planned for your writing in the future?

Lots and lots of awesome books. I’ve finished The Edward King Series but am continuing the paranormal exorcism obsession with my The Sensitives series. Plus a zombie series and loads more ideas to come!

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