Behind-the-Scenes of I Have the Sight

Hello, and welcome to this page, exclusively for my Reader's Group.

Before I even start putting finger to keys on my laptop, I put a lot into my character development, my research and my planning - ensuring I have a well developed story. I truly believe that if you create great characters, they will write the story for you. Therefore, you have to take time in creating these characters.

So here, from character development right through to my editor's feedback, to other possible ideas fo book number 2, is... Behind-the-Scenes of I Have the Sight.
1. The first note of ideas.

I initially had the idea for this book around twleve years ago. Although back then, it was called 'Crossover', and was less about demons, more about a man falling in love with a woman he saw when he briefly crossed over to the other side during a near-death experience.

I tried writing this story a few times ove the last ten years or so, but it never really worked. Then I had the idea of being about demons.

These were my first ideas I came up with.
2. Who was Kurt?

As you can see in my notes below, Eddie King was originally called Kurt - as his mum loved Kurt Russell.

I have no idea what led me to come up with this idea, but I am sure glad I changed it! As it is, Eddie is a character I've used in many stories, normally for a character based upon myself. I always wanted to be called Eddie when I was a kid - but then my name would be Edward Wood, and my parents weren't that cruel.

Here is the first page of notes I made on this character.

Beneath that is the character's objectives. In every story, there is something the charcter wants and something in the way. It's important to know this about your character, otherwise you do not know their point in the story.

Then is a 'role on the wall' - on the outside are external characteristics about this character, on the inside are internal characteristics.
3. The lesbian wedding that never was

Originally, Eddie was going to ruin Lacy and Jenny's wedding. The priest was going to react to him as he came in, and it was going to add to Jenny's growing impatience toward Eddie.

But it occured to me - a lesbian wedding, in the nineties? And in a church? I didn't think this through.

So, in the end I changed it to a christening of one of Jenny's relatives.

Below is the original note in the plan, following by my notes following my second draft where I recognised I needed to change this.
4. The Editor

Of course, once I had done a few redrafts, I sent it to my editor. I use the same editor for all of the Edward King series, though I have worked with different editors for other genres - for example, The Art of Murder needed an editor specialised in crime fiction, whereas this editor works with horror.

When the editor sends me their report four weeks late, it's then up to me to organise their feedback - so I put the information into a table. I then come up with ideas for what I could do to fix problems that have arisen in the second column. In the third column, I came up with a definite plan of action to remidy these problems.

Here is some of what my editor had to say about I Have the Sight, and some of my table organising edits.
5. The final edit

Then the final draft goes to the copy editor. This is when a new editor looks over every word and corrects everything that doesn't flow properly, or is grammatically incorrect. I use the same copy-editor for every novel I have released! Below is a page of I Have the Sight with my copy editor's corrections.

Then is a list of different titles I came up with for book two, before settling on Descendant of Hell.
So I hope you have enjoyed learning about the process that I Have the Sight went through.

And remember, when Blood of Hope comes out in a few months - its gone through just as rigorous a process as this!