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October 2016

Good Day! Welcome back to my site - I have been very busy indeed. Final round of editing for my next novel is done,. with its sequel getting all the more ready for the following month.

My paranormal horror novel 'I Have the Sight' is due for pre-order on 31st October, with full release on 15th November - and I need your help...

I need a group of people to do a pre-read of my novel. Basically, how this works is I will send you a free pdf of my new novel for your reading pleasure - once you've read it, then post a review on Amazon between the pre-order and release date (31st oct - 15th nov.)

As a way of giving you a huge thank you, I will send you a signed copy once it is released.

If you are fantastic and would be willing to do such a lovely thing for me, please either email me at [email protected] or comment below

Meanwhile, you can see my latest blog on MyTrendingStories about six moves that have been most influential on tackling my mental health issues here

August 2016

I am thrilled to announce that my second novel, and sequel to 'The Art of Murder', has now been published. It is entitled 'Redemption of the Damned' and is currently available exclusively on Amazon. For more information, go to the Redemption of the Damned page.

This novel is months and months of hard work, so I hope it lives up to your expectations.

So what am I working on next? Well! The next novel I have planned is the first in a supernatural horror series called 'I Have the Sight'. This will be followed by the third in 'The Art of Murder' seires, entitled 'Condemned and Broken.'

I have also begun to offer public speaking. This is an opportunity for me to give a talk to your school, business, event, or whomever you would like to arrange an inspirational speaker to. I am able to give some thought provoking strories and insights into my overcoming five mental health issues and all that came with it, and the positive thinking that I used in order to get myself to where I am today. For more information on this, feel free to browse the public speaking page.

Meanwhile, if you enjoy Redemption of the Damned, please do let me know. I'd love to hear from you!

August 2016

Great news! Redemption of the Damned (Art of Murder Book 2) is with the editor and is on course for a late August release date. (I have even started on Book 3 as well...)

There is now a video trailer available for Redemption of the Damned, featuring me! You can watch it on YouTube here:

Meanwhile, I will be performing my play 'Trust Me, I'm a Drama Teacher' at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival, at theSpace @ Surgeon's Hall, 5-6th & 8-12th August at 2.05pm. I did an interview with Times Educational Supplement about it, which will be out on Friday.

If you would like to follow my exploits on Edinburgh, I will be updating my 'Trust Me, I'm a Drama Teacher' blog.

Meanwhile, I have released a few short books for a bit of fun. 'How I Overcame Five Mental Disorders, Two Suicide Attempts and Three Months of Self-Harming' is available exclusively on kindle.

'Movie Quotes to Live By,' which I am especially pleased with, is available on both paperback and kindle in the Amazon store.

These are both written under the pen name 'R Wood' - for the reasons why, go to the non-fiction page.

Hopefully the next news section I post here will be to announce Redemption of the Damned on sale!

July 2016

It has a name! The sequel to 'The Art of Murder' will be released sooner than I thought - I'm aiming for end of August - and it will be titled 'Redemption of the Damned.'

June 2016

I am thrilled to announce my first novel and beginning of epic crime series 'The Art of Murder' is now available to buy, with the sequel expected in December!

It is 99p on kindle and £3.99 on paperback.

I'm also excited to tell you that my second play is now available to buy for only £2.75! The play tracks the 6 years after 13-year-old Lisa Parks is taken from her home, exploring the relationship between abductor and abudctee. UK residents can find it on amazon here.
Meanwhile, I have a release date for my new crime novel, The Art of Murder. You can find it on Amazon in July. While you're waiting for it, have a look at my blog page to read about part of my process for writing it.

May 2016

I'm thrilled to announce that my first play, 'Try', is now available on Amazon, and if you are in the UK, you can find it by clicking here. I'm really excited and can't wait for you to read it!

I will also be performing my one-man play about being a teacher, told entirely as a beat poem, at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It is both amusing and touching in equal measure and is definitely one not to miss! It is being performed at theSpace @ Surgeon's Hall, 2.05pm, from 3rd-10th August, and you can book tickets by clicking here.

My new novel, 'The Art of Murder,' will be released within the next few months. To stay up to date with its progress, please subscribe to my mailing list using the form above.

In the mean time, use the links above to find out more about me, read my teaching blog and have a look at my various projects.