Books Available Rick's Street Team

As part of my valued Street Team, you have access to all of my books for free, one at a time, in return for Amazon customer reviews!

Just to give you a complete, comprehensive list of all my novesl I have available, and will soon have avilable, I have compiled them together on this page for you:

The Edward King Series

Books 1 - 4 are available in The Edward King Series:

Book 1 I Have the Sight

Book 2 Descendant of Hell

Book 3 An Exorcist Possessed

Book 4 Blood of Hope

Book 5 The World Ends Tonight will be available for you pre-release in August/September, and is released on Amazon in October

Other Books

The Art of Murder

This is a crime-thriller about a private investigator, Sean Mallon, who left the police, as he ended up suffering PTSD when having to kill in the line of duty.

But when a serial killer shows up with Sean's name written on his victims, he is forced back out of retirement.

(There is a book 2 planned for this later.)

The Understudy

This has gotten some bad reviews because of poor grammar - but I deliberately chose to leave this in as it was being told in a deep character's point-of-view.

It is about an actress who lets her understudy stay with her, unbeknownst that this understudy is getting psychotically obssessed...

This novel is distinctive from my others as it is told entirely from three different perspectives

Slightly different books...

These are books that have a slightly different target audience than my other books, but are still available to you just the same.

Being Mental

I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, OCD, and Tourette's Syndrom, among other things. This is a short Kindle book telling my story of suffering with mental health issues.


This is a play I wrote about a couple, where one of them has very severe OCD, and how they cope.

I have a bad review from someone on Amazon because they didn't realise it was a play. This just seems ridiculous to me, when it says "a play" on the cover! So I am after some reviews to counteract it, as it is not selling at the moment as a result!

Coming Soon...

These are two books that I have coming out soon - that you will of course get a pre-release copy to review before anyone else!

When Liberty Dies

This is my reaction to the state the world is in. With Trump in the white house, the rise of UKIP, and Brexit, I wanted to find a way to put my protest into a piece of creative work.

A far-right anti-islamic protest group take over the city of Stoke-on-Trent and start killing minorities. This story is about a young Muslim girl trapped in this city, and her desperate attempt to survive.

Release date: 11th August
When it will be available to you: June

The Sensitives

This is a paranormal horror taking over from The Edward King Series, and is the first in a new series of paranormal horrors.

Release date: 27th October
When it will be available to you: July

Books that will be available later in the year...