The Sean Mallon Series

Sean Mallon Book One
The Art of Murder

Would you sacrifice your sanity to catch a killer?
Sean Mallon Book Two
Redemption of the Hopeless

There is always a victim and a villain...
Sean Mallon Book Three
Confused and Condemned

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Sean Mallon Book Four
Title TBC

More details TBC
Sean Mallon Book Five
Title TBC

More details TBC
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​​Sean Mallon is a private investigator suffering from PTSD, desperate not to force his anxiety into having to deal with the sight of another corpse. His opponent is a psychopath taking great pleasure in forcing Sean to relive his past.

When a series of redemption killings shock the city, August pleads for his help. 

But who is it doing these killings? Why are they so focused on redemption? And what does it have to do with Sean?