How to Upload Your MOBI File onto Your Kindle

Step 1
Save the MOBI file onto your hard drive by right clicking on the link and selecting save target as

You can access the MOBI file here

Step 2
Go to Amazon and login to your account

Step 3
Go to Your Account and select Manage Your Content and Devices

Step 4
Click on the Preferences tab

Step 5
Click on Personal Document Settings then scroll down the page to Approved Person Document E-mail List. Make sure that your email address is there. If it isn't, you will need to click on Add a new approved email address and add your email address in.

Step 6
Scroll back up to Personal Document Settings, where you will find your Kindle's email address. Send an email to this address with the MOBI file you have saved attached.

Step 7
Wait around five minutes and this file should appear on your Kindle.
If you are putting your MOBI file onto an app on your iPad, phone or device other than a Kindle, and the above doesn't work, use the instructions on the following sites to help: